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Eaton power distribution technology to be used in new EV platform

Power management company Eaton’s eMobility business has secured a contract to supply power distribution units (PDUs) and Bussmann series fuses to a global vehicle manufacturer for use in a new light-duty commercial EV.

“Eaton’s experience and application of fuse and circuit protection technology allowed for PDU integration at levels others could not match,” said Eaton Manager Kevin Calzada. “Eaton was able to secure this program through technical agility in the PDU feature design and assuring high reliability in the system.”

“Fuse durability simulations are unique in the industry and help OEMs reduce risk,” added Calzada. “If not specified correctly, auxiliary fuses can have issues with nuisance trips, but we were able to demonstrate high, long-term reliability with our fuse sizing analysis.”

The OEM also required the PDUs to offer multiple levels of safety. Eaton’s PDUs are designed to provide access to the box to facilitate safe repair and service. Additionally, Eaton units feature a test port that allows an electrical meter to be used as a probe to contact miniature circuit boards that signal if the unit is still charged, preventing the technician from contacting high voltage.

Source: Eaton


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