Company car leasing firm has a fleet of 3,000 EVs

BMW i3

The BMW-owned fleet management company Alphabet has doubled its zero-emission fleet over the past year, to over 3,000 EVs. The company has seen a “dramatic increase” in corporate interest in EVs since the launch of its EV consultancy service AlphaElectric two years ago, and now has over 1,000 customers operating at least one EV in their fleet.

AlphaElectric provides advice and support to fleet managers on effective adoption of EVs (not only BMWs), covering fleet analysis, vehicle selection and charging infrastructure.

“It is not only proof that our EV vision is correct and that we were right to place our full backing behind electric vehicles, but also of the value that our AlphaElectric consultancy service brings to customers,” said Daniel St Claire, e-Mobility Manager at Alphabet. “Appetite among companies for electric cars and vans just keeps growing, especially as the price of EVs continues to drop and misconceptions are dispelled. As a result, in 2016 we expect to see the orders of electric vehicles continue to increase significantly.”


Source: businessGreen

  • Bruno Bevilacqua

    In main German cities and Copenhagen the BMW car sharing business DriveNow has many full-electric i3. In Copenhagen, about all DriveNow cars are battery only i3s.
    The result? I had never driven an electric car before, got my DriveNow membership and one day, just out of curiosity, went after some i3. It was such a pleasant experience, the next day, again, I went a bit out of my way to get an i3 instead of a Turbo Diesel BMW 1-series. Did this over again quite a few more times, but one day the was no way and I had to take a TurboDiesel BMW X1. It was so disappointing! Dude, where is my electric car??! Really, I’m not talking about going from an i3 to a Fiat Panda Diesel, neither to a VW Polo or Ford Fiesta or Opel Corsa Diesel. I’m talking about the BMW X1!
    Please, EPA, make EVs mandatory in car rental fleets! Once we spend a whole week driving full-electric, we just can’t go back. It is horrible!