Clean trucks to clean cities: Volvo Trucks to deploy 80 electric sewer cleaner trucks in Europe

Several cities in Europe, and a couple in China, have implemented zero-emission zones, and this is expected to generate demand for electric service trucks.

Bucher Municipal, a global supplier of municipal vehicles such as street sweepers, winter maintenance equipment and refuse vehicles, has joined forces with Volvo Trucks to develop an all-electric sewer cleaner built on the Volvo FL Electric truck.

By the end of 2023, Bucher expects to deliver up to 80 electric sewer cleaner trucks to cities in Europe.

“We have optimized the technology from our successful city sewer solution to meet the special requirements for working in urban zones, where regulations regarding CO2 and diesel emissions have been tightened,” says Per Lovring, CEO of Bucher Municipal Denmark. “Electrification of vehicles like ours can be demanding, but Volvo Trucks has proven that they can successfully provide highly reliable and well-documented battery solutions for heavy-duty vehicles.”

“With this agreement with Bucher Municipal, we are taking a very important step towards electrifying one of the most complicated and demanding tasks in our urban environments, and we expect the collaboration to bring new insights that contribute to our goal of electrifying all types of applications,” said Volvo Trucks President Roger Alm.

Source: Volvo Trucks


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