Circontrol introduces new Raption 150 charger for e-buses

Spanish charging station maker Circontrol introduced a new 150 kW charger for e-buses, called the Raption 150, at the 2019 Busworld bus exhibition.

The Raption 150 can charge at 600 volts, a voltage suitable for charging e-buses. Thanks to its modular system, Circontrol says the charger enjoys a high uptime and is scalable from 100 kW to 150 kW. It also allows simultaneous DC charging by splitting the available power.

The Raption 150 is designed to work in tandem with Circontrol’s Raption 50. The Raption 150 is powerful enough to top up buses at the terminal station between routes, while the 50 kW Raption 50 can fully charge the vehicles when not in use.

Source: Circontrol