CBS News silences embarrassing Model S engine noise

Tesla Model S

60 Minutes aired an absorbing profile of Elon Musk last week, which included some good interviews and a fair amount of objective information about our favorite automaker.

However, there was one segment that caused much laughter and head-shaking in the EV community. A video of a Model S on the road was accompanied by the sound of a roaring gas engine, complete with shifting gears.

The footage was provided by Tesla, but the old-fashioned “vroom-vroom” noises were dubbed in by 60 Minutes editors. When the gaffe was brought to the producers’ attention, they said that it was an “audio editing error,” which has been rectified in the online version of the story.

The mainstream media has come a long way in its coverage of EVs, thanks in no small part to Tesla’s success. A year ago, such a story would certainly have included a remark about “disappointing” sales figures, and quite possibly a reference to granola. However, the fact that a CBS audio editor (aren’t these usually young guys?) could be ignorant of one of the EV’s most obvious features shows how much more education remains to be done.



Source: AutoblogGreen, AP