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CAMX Power’s new GEMX cathode material

CAMX Power, an independent lithium-ion battery materials and design firm, has announced a new class of cathode materials that it says improves upon the high-nickel material classes NMC, NCA and LNO.

The patented invention is called GEMX, and the resulting enhanced chemistries are called gNMC, gNCA and gLNO.

High-nickel cathode chemistries for vehicle batteries use cobalt to achieve required performance levels. Cobalt has a number of supply issues that have made EV-makers eager to reduce the amount used.

GEMX, through molecular engineering, places cobalt at critical places of the cathode particles, resulting in less cobalt use. However, according to CAMX, its new material delivers greater stability, higher performance and lower cost for all classes of high-nickel materials.

“More than 30% of the cost of a lithium-ion cell is in the cathode material, which is also the most difficult to manufacture in large quantities and hence the key to making batteries for vehicles affordable,” said CAMX President and founder Dr. Kenan Sahin.


Source: CAMX Power

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