California offers grants to build a center for alternative fuels

California flag

The California Energy Commission (CEC) is making almost $1.2 million in grant funds available to develop a new center for alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies in Central California. Public and private entities with a presence in California can apply for the funds.

The proposed center must be open to the public and must support local agencies and businesses. It will perform such roles as: presenting educational workshops and other activities to increase public awareness of alternative fuels; streamlining permitting processes; conducting outreach events targeting fleet owners to promote the adoption of alternative fuels; and collaborating with local and regional entities in Central California to develop alternative fuels, infrastructure, and/or vehicles.

Also this week, the CEC approved $12 million in new funding for alternative fuel projects, including $600,000 to install at least 50 EV charging stations for federal fleet vehicles at several California facilities, and $300,000 to Linde LLC to operate a new hydrogen refueling station that recently opened in West Sacramento.


Source: California Energy Commission via Green Car Congress
Image: Nicolas Raymond/Flickr

  • Bill Williams

    Here is a presentation about infrastructure misconceptions and our solutions. We feel many company executives are not installing because of sticker shock and contract fees. These are not necessary and we need to learn from past mistakes about choosing sensible locations where cars will be parked.
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