California Air Resources Board to discuss minor changes to Zero Emission Vehicle regulations

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) plans to propose some minor modifications to its Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Regulation, the program that requires automakers to sell a certain number of zero-emission vehicles in the state.

According to ARB, the changes include clarifying the Section 177 state optional compliance path provision, defining how caps apply to a manufacturer’s requirement, and excluding battery swapping as a “fast refueling” technology.

Fast refueling is a factor in the classification of different classes of ZEVs and the calculation of ZEV credits. The more “fast refueling capability” a particular model has, the more credits the vehicle earns for the manufacturer when it is sold in California.

The reference to battery swapping would seem to be a moot point – the only vehicle we know of with the capability is Renault’s Fluence Z.E., which isn’t sold in the US.

The board will hold a workshop to discuss the proposed modifications on May 20 in Sacramento. Staff will make presentations, and members of the public may present comments.

Opponents of the ZEV regulation, including a couple of auto industry lobbying groups, say that it makes no sense to require automakers to build cars in the absence of any evidence that consumers will buy them. Proponents say that “compliance cars” serve as showcases for new technology.


Source: Green Car Congress