Beyond Tesla: NextEV aims to produce Automobile 3.0

Chinese-backed startup NextEV has produced a Formula E race car, and plans to reveal an electric supercar later this year.

“When we launch the car it will not be a concept,” Co-president Martin Leach told the International Business Times. “It will be engineered and validated and you will see it driving at some point shortly after the introduction.” Production numbers are expected to be in the 300-500 range.

Echoing Faraday Future and others, Leach hints that his company wants to redefine the relationship between automobiles and their human minders. NextEV plans to “do things that help people’s automotive lifestyles.” Perhaps a subscription service that offers customers access to different vehicles? “We do want people to own their cars, but we want to make it fun again,” says Leach. “We want to take out the pain points that people complain to us about, about the ownership experience today.”

Leach said trendsetter Tesla has done “a brilliant job,” but that NextEV has ambitions to transform the industry even further. “If normal car companies were the internet at 1.0, then Tesla is probably 2.0 and does some really good things like over-the-air software updates, but what we’re trying to be is 3.0.”

NextEV Formula E


Source: International Business Times

  • Vincent Wolf

    China will rule auto sells in 15 more years. That’s because America is too engrained with ICE special interests. You name it–oil, gasoline, cars–America is mired in the past and the country will pay dearly for catering to big oils special interest in seeing ICE technologies get to billing by losing tremendously in the global auto production scene with car production down by more than 50% by 2030.

  • Jim Fox

    But the USA has been accepting of new tech and quick to adopt what it sees as the future; all is not lost just yet. I’m not American, BTW.

  • nordlyst


    A new EV in 2016 and its aiming for 3-500..? This is NOT worth people’s time!

    • Vincent Wolf

      Not many cars have a range above 500 miles. Not true range anyway because on the highway gas cars too get far less mileage than their EPA ratings. A Prius that gets 55 mpg in the city gets only 42-43 mpg at 75 – 78 mph that people MIGHT drive on the Interstates (most go over 80). Sigh it’s impossible to argue with people with concrete minds.

      • Electric Bill

        Vincent: you say “not many cars have a range above 500 miles”. It appears you are misunderstanding the text which claims “300-500 range. ” It is my understanding that this statement refers to the “production range”, that is, the approximate number of units the factory cranks out in a given year, which would be in the same approximate “range” as the Tesla Roadsters when they began production.

        Also, you dismiss American EV production as if inconsequential– you seem to totally forget that Tesla is American, and eating all competition alive for the time being. Tesla has hundreds of thousands of $1000. deposits for their Model 3. Musk was only expecting a few tens of thousands of orders for the Model 3, but after seeing the enormous number of advance orders decided to pump up the production capacity dramatically so as to not leave so many orders waiting for years into the future.

        Tesla led the pack from the beginning… China followed… Musk is not dragging his heels about anything. He moves at jackrabbit speed and is nimbler than any competition yet… it would surprise me greatly if China wil ever be able to catch up with him– yes, they may sprint forward from where we are now, but by the time Chinese car makers catch up to where he is rat present, Elon will have carved out new territory literally and figuratively.

        The Gigafactory and Powerwalls (and Hyperloop, rocket booster landings, 3D printed booster rockets, spin welding advancements, Autopilot, and Superchargers etc.) were not even being discussed when Tesla began Roadster production. By the time China gets even with where Elon is right now, he just might be building habitats on Mars, gigantic landing barges in the Pacific and Atlantic, flying cars, seamless AI interfaces, and becoming the world’s first trillionaire. Nope, I do not expect the Chinese or anyone else to catch up with him–unless he WANTS them to.

        Go for it, Elon.

        • Jim Fox

          Very good!