AxleTech and Thor Trucks to develop heavy-duty e-powertrain system

Specialty powertrain manufacturer AxleTech is developing a heavy-duty e-powertrain system in partnership with Thor Trucks. The companies plan to integrate AxleTech’s e-axle technology with Thor’s proprietary battery technology to create a fully electric commercial vehicle powertrain.

AxleTech provides integrated solutions for on-highway EVs, including Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks, as well as for transit applications. Earlier this year, the company unveiled a new electric independent suspension concept for high-mobility applications. AxleTech’s 5000 Series eISAS concept is designed to lower heat signatures and improve fuel savings.

California-based Thor Trucks recently announced a partnership with UPS to build and test two electric delivery trucks.

“Thor Tucks will benefit tremendously from AxleTech’s industry-leading powertrain expertise as we work to meet the market’s increasing demand for electrification,” said Thor Trucks COO Giordano Sordoni.

“Electric powertrains for on-highway use are rapidly advancing at a global scale, and AxleTech’s technology has kept pace with this evolution,” said AxleTech CEO Bill Gryzenia. “Due to the market need for these solutions, we are proud to work alongside Thor Trucks to build the most advanced integrated powertrain components for driveline electrification.”


Source: AxleTech

  • EVman88

    Well, they know this wont work on mountains and open roads and maxed out loads which is proven by Tesla and two other companies and one main AC motor manufacturer. Wait…I can see the defense coming up ….this system will work on low speed very small hill and inner city but will never compete with what Tesla is doing or ICE type performances. This is a fact and has been studied built and proven. THIS IS ON BIG TRUCKS
    If they get it (Thor) on a highway then efficiency goes way down, gets hot and torque starts to decline.
    ON BIG TRUCKS Tesla uses 4 motors as seen on many videos and others use MULTI-GEAR BOXES as seen with two other successful companies. Please examine Thor much much closer and be careful when they say all these engineers say it can happen and why not ask the engineers that have actually built these all electric trucks and buses and tested on open highway and major hills. Make them show you proof and videos. Take the truck up Mt Baldy or through the Grapevine! DIYev is the only company that shows large trucks on the highway and going up 17% grades at normal ICE performance stats.

    • DetroitGoose78

      Hi EVman88,

      Unfortunately the picture shown above is not the system that will be installed on the Thor vehicle. The system that is being developed will not be revealed publicly until early next year. What I can say is that we have developed a system that will exceed all of the competition including Tesla. All of your gradeabilty and speed concerns will be answered when our product is launched. In the meantime please take time to review the Proterra DuoPower video on YouTube. ( Needless to say our team understand what it takes to move a vehicle up a mountain.
      All the Best,

    • Elizabeth Tobeck

      This powered axle doesn’t need to be mounted to a semi tractor. It could be mounted on a trailer with a battery pack and used as an add on hybrid system. Charging going down hill and powering going up hill. It would prevent the buildup of heat doing both.

      • EVman88

        Yes, I would agree with this solution. Now I get it. It is a good solution for trailer and adding regen and extra temp power to get up hills. I still don’t agree it would be a solution for the main drivetrain but very good idea and solution for the trailers.
        I have built many all electric large trucks and buses and when going down hill the main electric drivetrain handles all of the regen for the vehicle and almost slows the truck to a stop going down hills. If you only put extra batteries on the trailer, I think the economics of your system may be a little pricey as the added package when the main electric drivetrain can handle it all.