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A quick look at the Model S quality control regimen

We just can’t get enough of snooping around the Tesla factory. The latest video from WIRED gives us a look at the testing process that each Model S goes through before it hits the streets.


As all high-end automakers do, Tesla puts each individual vehicle through a battery of tests before it leaves the factory – five hours in all. They soak ‘em in water (which gets recycled, of course), shake and rattle ‘em, punch ‘em up to 80 mph and slam on the brakes. Then a real human being checks out 101 points, from the windows and doors to the touchscreen to the charger.

Patience is a necessary virtue in the auto industry – it’s required not only for assembling and testing a car, but for building a brand and developing a successful company as well. It’s also something you’ll have to learn if you plan to buy a new Model S – the delivery process is still taking 2-3 months from writing the check to sitting down in the driver’s seat.               


Photo: Stephen Pace (flickr)
Source: WIRED

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