Dispensing Technology That Fulfills The Hottest Challenges In E-mobility And Power Electronics

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Recorded Sep 2, 2020 9:15 am EDT

In this session, bdtronic will present some of the challenges for power electronic parts (thermal management, noise and vibration reduction, electromagnetic shielding, etc.) and how dispensing technology can help to solve them. Get to know how thermal interface materials are dispensed perfectly, how to apply thermal potting materials and learn about different gluing possibilities.

Topics covered:
- Challenges in power electronics (thermal management, noise and vibration reduction, electromagnetic shielding, etc.)
- How to solve with dispensing technology?
- Special requirements
- Equipment and solutions
- Process monitoring
- Project Key Success Factors

bdtronic is a complete provider for processing reactive potting resins, plasma pre-treatment, impregnation and hot riveting technology. bdtronic provides entire system solutions for assembly and production automation to all renown manufacturers in the automotive, electric and electronics industry, medical technology and renewable energy.

Power electronics, such as inverters, on-board chargers or DC/DC converters, play an important role in the change to electric powertrains and the increasing importance of autonomous driving systems. bdtronic manufactures equipment that protects for instance cameras or radar sensors in self-driving cars from dirt, moisture or overheating and component damage due to vibration. In order to achieve this, housings with electronics must be sealed with glue or potted and components on printed circuit boards securely fixed. bdtronic’s equipment is used in all of these applications. In the safety electronics sector absolute precision, accuracy and reliability are essential. These are characteristics for which the company from Weikersheim, Germany is known globally.

Presented by:

  • Andy Jorissen , CCO and Global Sales and Marketing Director, BDTRONIC

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