Connection To The Grid: Circuit Protection And Filtering Considerations For EV Charging

Presented by:

  • D. Matthew Reynolds, Director of Marketing Piezo & Protection Devices, TDK Electronics Inc

  • Dennis Becker, Product Marketing Engineer, Film Capacitors, TDK Electronics Inc

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Sep 3, 2020, 1:00 pm EDT

Connecting vehicles to the electrical grid poses significant challenges with respect to circuit protection from fault events and electro-magnetic interference (EMI). The source of these challenges may be generated from within the charger, come from the grid, or have their source from fault conditions within the vehicle itself. Simple steps need to be taken to protect those three elements from adverse events, so that don’t create dangerous conditions for people, each other or equipment sharing the same grid connection. The protection and filtering requirements are becoming more specialized due to the introduction of wide band-gap (WBG) semiconductors for these applications to achieve high power density. In addition, harsh environmental conditions demand that component designs can withstand high temperature and humidity throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

In webinar we will explore new material and recent component developments which offer solutions to these challenges in this worldwide growing market.

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