Comparing 10 Leading EV Motors

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Recorded Sep 2, 2020 5:00 pm EDT

Who Wins Out? Munro & Associates' Analysis of Today’s Leading EV Electric Motors

Ever wonder how today’s EV motors stack up against each other? Going beyond traditional product benchmarking, Munro & Associates Inc. has analyzed and compared 10 leading EV motors and developed a comprehensive side-by-side comparison report. Designed to help automakers and suppliers effectively expand and compete in new EV markets, the session will provide an overview of Munro's extensive report of today's leading EV motors: Tesla Model 3 front and rear motors; BMW i3; Chevrolet Bolt; Jaguar I-PACE; Nissan Leaf; Audi e-tron front and rear motors; Chevrolet Volt; and Toyota Prius.

Presented by:

  • Sandy Munro , CEO, MUNRO & ASSOCIATES

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