Choosing The Right Overvoltage Protection For EV Charging Infrastructure

Product Demo

Recorded Sep 2, 2020 2:45 pm EDT

Raycap is a world leader the development of industrial surge protection for a variety of applications. For the protection of Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations, Raycap has considered the recently updated and internationally accepted IEC 60364-7-722 standard which now makes clear that connection points at electrical supply chargers for EVs that are accessible to the public are part of public services, and therefore require protection against transient overvoltages.

Raycap has developed a white paper that considers the requirements of international standards, and is written to help manufacturers and operators to select the proper solutions to protect their sensitive equipment against any kind of transient voltage. This paper is the basis for the presentation.

Presented by:

  • Ted Arbuckle , Vice President Industrial Sales, Raycap

  • Siegfried Goldenstein , Applications Engineer, Raycap

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