Accelerate Testing And Verification Of EV Li-Ion Battery Pack Cooling Systems With Virtual Prototyping

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Sep 1, 2020, 2:45 pm EDT

This presentation will demonstrate an active cooling system for a Li-ion battery pack that allows the user to specify the coolant type and its mixture ratio. The introductory system example consists of a hydraulic pump, fluid cooling plate, pipelines, thermostat, fluid-air heat exchanger, and a small coolant reservoir, to permit initial investigations and set the stage for more advanced designs. The pump maintains Ethylene-Glycol coolant circulation through the thermohydraulic circuit and the self-heating battery pack, characterized from cell measurement data, is scalable with respect to the number of cells, initial temperature and SoC, and age profiles. Virtual prototyping is invaluable for testing and verifying features and functionality early in the design phase. Doing this through pure hardware prototyping is impracticable since the specification of new topologies is done very early in the concept phase when the architecture details of the entire system may be unknown. The virtual prototype therefore takes the role of an evolving executable functional spec.

Presented by:

  • Bryan Kelly , Applications Engineer, Staff, SYNOPSYS

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