A Breakthrough Pyro Safety Module For Safe E-Mobility

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Recorded Sep 1, 2020 10:15 am EDT

With the growing electrical vehicle market and electrification in general, electrical circuit protection becomes increasingly important for the safety of electrical systems.

Hirtenberger Automotive Safety and Littelfuse plan to jointly develop an integrated, active and passive Pyro Safety Module (PSM).

This PSM combines the advantages of pyro-, fuse-, and sensor technologies in a synergetic way.

Pyro-Breaker is known for very fast and reliable circuit interruption up to high breaking capacities. Fuses take advantage of melting metals when high currents generate ohmic heating, consequently creating a current/time characteristic which interrupts fault currents fully passively (no external power is needed). Finally, current sensors allow not only to measure a current signal accurately, but they also can be expanded to send a trigger signal to the Pyro-Breaker allowing current-time characteristics independently of the physics of melting metal.

The integration of these 3 components into one module results in:

- the combination of its characteristics and capabilities

- very significant footprint reductions

- reduction of electrical losses and heating

- increase in reliability when compared to 3 discrete components

This presentation will discuss the principles, options, and advantages of Pyro Safety Modules.

Presented by:

  • Daniel Watschinger , Area Sales Manager at Hirtenberger Automotive Safety

  • Engelbert Hetzmannseder , Vice President Research & Development, Passenger Vehicle Business at Littelfuse

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