5-Layer Clad Busbars For Li-ion Packs

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  • Michael Cooney, Product Manager, SigmaClad, ENGINEERED MATERIALS SOLUTIONS

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Sep 2, 2020, 3:30 pm EDT

This session will discuss the properties of Sigmaclad, a 5-layer clad material composed of Ni/SS/Cu/SS/Ni created specifically for busbars in Li-ion battery packs. Sigmaclad is designed with superior properties compared to other materials used in these applications like Nickel or Nickel Plated Steel. The Copper layer provides enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity for heat dissipation. The Stainless Steel layers facilitate resistance welding and increases weld strength. The exterior layers of Nickel allow for easy soldering and provide enhanced corrosion resistance. All of these features are provided at a cost that can be lower than pure-Nickel and competitive with Nickel-plated steel.

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