The Infrastructure

Electrify America now offers kWh pricing for charging in 30 states

Should public charging providers charge by the minute, or by the kilowatt-hour? Most agree that the per-kWh system is fairer, as it charges the customer for the energy that’s actually dispensed, and isn’t dependent on charging speed, over which the customer has no control. The per-minute pricing model persists in some states, because of state… Read more »

The Mobility House provides energy management solution for King County Metro’s electric fleet

King County Metro, which operates a fleet of 1,540 buses in the Seattle region, is conducting a charging infrastructure pilot to test the capabilities of high-power plug-in and overhead chargers from three manufacturers—ABB, Siemens and Heliox. As part of the project, the agency implemented The Mobility House’s energy management solution ChargePilot, which features load management… Read more »

Leviton’s new Evr-Green DC fast charging station

Leviton has added a new smart DC fast charging station to its EVSE portfolio. The Evr-Green DC is designed for highway rest stops, retail locations and other commercial and public applications. The Evr-Green DC station features both CCS1 and CHAdeMO connectors, and has an LCD screen for customer interaction. The Evr-Green is integrated with ChargePoint… Read more »

AFC Energy’s hydrogen-fueled Power Tower EV integrates ABB’s AC charging solution

AFC Energy, a provider of hydrogen power generation technologies, has launched its new hydrogen-fueled Power Tower EV, which integrates an AC charging solution from Swiss/Swedish electronics giant ABB.           AFC provided a hydrogen-based off-grid charging solution for the Extreme E racing series. The Power Tower EV is a variant of AFC’s Power Tower which is designed… Read more »

Porsche demonstrates V2G application with five Taycans

One of the hottest trends in the EV world is bidirectional charging, which promises to allow EV batteries to be used to provide services to the electrical grid. Now Porsche has partnered with German grid operator TransnetBW to conduct “a realistic pilot test” to demonstrate that “electrical balancing power can be stored in the high-voltage… Read more »

Auto CEOs and Biden administration officials call for charging interoperability

The White House recently held a virtual meeting with representatives of most of the major automakers to discuss electric vehicles and charging. According to Reuters, senior Biden administration officials and automotive leaders agreed on the importance of interoperability for charging infrastructure. “There was broad consensus that charging stations and vehicles need to be interoperable and… Read more »

New report finds smart charging could reduce emissions from EVs by as much as 8 percent

We know that EVs produce much less pollution over their lifetimes than fossil-powered vehicles (regardless of the thousands of daily Facebook posts claiming the opposite). However, generating the electricity to charge them is not emission-free, and as millions more EVs get hooked up to the grid, smart charging to maximize efficiency will be an important… Read more »

UK grocery chain Tesco installs free public chargers at 500 sites

Charger manufacturer and public charging provider Pod Point, in partnership with Volkswagen and UK grocery chain Tesco, plans to install free charging points at 600 supermarkets around the UK. Pod Point’s network, which the company says uses only renewable energy, now includes 1,000 chargers at 500 Tesco supermarkets in the UK. 100 of these are… Read more »

Incharge Energy launches Charging-as-a-Service program

Fleet electrification specialist InCharge Energy has launched a new turnkey solution that offers commercial fleets EV charging subscriptions pegged to an uptime standard and paid for on a monthly or variable basis. InCharge as a Service customers can choose to pay either by the mile or by the kWh. InCharge as a Service is “a… Read more »