The Infrastructure

Volvo invests in mobile charging company FreeWire

Volvo has acquired a stake in San Francisco-based mobile charging company FreeWire Technologies via the Volvo Cars Tech Fund. While Volvo does not plan to own charging or service stations directly, it says the investment reflects its support for user-friendly charging options as electric mobility continues to grow. “To support wider consumer adoption of electric… Read more »

NCSU develops compact 50 kW fast charger with 97.5% efficiency

North Carolina State University (NCSU) researchers have developed a medium-voltage fast charger (MVFC) that they say offers 60% less power loss than conventional systems, is only a tenth the size, and delivers similar charging times. Armed with this technology, the team is working towards a multi-vehicle charger capable of even faster charging. Current 50 kW… Read more »

Koben Systems’ new scalable battery storage solution for multi-unit and workplace EV charging

EVSE solution provider Koben Systems has announced a new integrated system designed to reduce demand charges in large-scale Level 2 charging installations. Koben’s Evolve EVSF is aimed at multi-unit dwelling (MUD) and workplace locations. Utility demand charges may not be a concern for locations with 1-10 chargers – most complexes can accommodate the power. But… Read more »

GreenFlux’s new line of smart charging controllers offers a solution for every type of charger

GreenFlux, provider of a cloud-based white-label smart charging platform, has launched a new generation of smart charging controllers. The new line offers a modular design and a scalable architecture, supports the OCPP protocol, and is ready for the new German Calibration Law (Eichrecht). Mounted inside the charger, the controller becomes the digital brain, providing intelligence… Read more »

ChargePoint and FLO partner to enable EV roaming across North America

ChargePoint and FLO, two of the largest charging networks in the US and Canada, respectively, have formed a roaming partnership designed to provide EV drivers with a seamless charging experience across North America. Much as mobile phone roaming enables user-transparent connections between cell networks, ChargePoint and FLO members can now access public chargers on both… Read more »

Porsche dealers will have to share the cost of fast chargers

Back in March, a Porsche exec said that the brand expected to make a profit from its planned network of fast chargers, a comment that was met with much skepticism in the EV industry. Now the company is sending a rather different message, saying that its US dealers will be expected to pony up between… Read more »

GeniePoint Network will soon have 150 DC fast chargers in the UK

The UK’s ChargePoint Services (not to be confused with the US’s Chargepoint) and the Motor Fuel Group have been working together to install fast charging stations in forecourt (gas station) locations across the UK.  The GeniePoint Network now has over 120 charger sites installed or under construction, and plans to have around 150 50 kW+… Read more »

Allego launches contactless credit and debit card payments for charging in the UK

Public charging stations are proliferating, but some operators still make it inconvenient for drivers, requiring them to join a network in advance and carry around a special card. European charging network operator Allego has taken a major step towards eliminating this unnecessary bottleneck with the launch of a contactless payment solution that supports Visa, Mastercard… Read more »

Fastned tests fast chargers at German supermarkets

European fast charging network operator Fastned has partnered with German supermarket chain REWE for a pilot that will test the interest of EV drivers in fast charging while shopping for groceries. The partnership will start with a pilot at four REWE Region Mitte supermarkets around Frankfurt, and the companies intend to expand it to additional… Read more »