The Infrastructure

US House passes public works bill with $7.5 billion for EV charging infrastructure

Finally! After much inter- and intra-party wrangling, the US House passed an infrastructure package that authorizes $550 billion of new investment over several years, including $7.5 billion for EV charging infrastructure and several other EV- and clean energy-related items. The total price tag for the package comes to over $1.2 trillion when routine funding for… Read more »

Qmerit to provide home charging installation for Ford Mustang Mach-E customers

EVSE installation specialist Qmerit has teamed up with Ford to offer home charging station installation services. Ford offers customers two options for at-home charging: the Ford Mobile Charger, a portable Level 1/Level 2 charger; and the Ford Connected Charge Station, a 48-amp hard-wired Level 2 charger with intelligent features and connectivity. Qmerit operates a network… Read more »

Australian petrol station chain to install chargers at 100 sites

Australian petrol giant Ampol plans to deploy DC fast chargers at more than 100 of its retail sites around the country, as part of a $100-million commitment towards future energy projects. The first charging sites will be located in the greater Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth regions, as well as regional centers, including Newcastle, Wollongong,… Read more »

ABBs PANION teams up with Amazon Web Services to provide fleet charging management solution

ABBs digital e-mobility venture, PANION, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are testing a jointly developed cloud-based solution for real-time management of EV fleets and charging infrastructure. The new PANION EV Charge Planning solution enables operators to monitor energy usage and schedule charging across their fleets. ABB is developing technical infrastructure to offer a Platform as… Read more »

Tesla opens its first Superchargers to drivers of other EVs

In a move that has wide-reaching implications for the future of the EV market, Tesla has launched a “Non-Tesla Supercharger pilot” at 10 locations in the Netherlands. The company announced in July that it would open its vaunted Supercharger network to drivers of other companies’ EVs. The 10 stations are now accessible to Dutch non-Tesla… Read more »

Public chargers at California Taco Bell could be the first of many

Choo need a charge with your chalupa? A Taco Bell in South San Francisco is installing six DC fast chargers, along with a carport-style solar array. The new chargers are built by Tritium, and will be managed by software from ChargeNet. The 75 kW Tritium RTM fast chargers will accept payment through ChargeNet’s mobile app… Read more »

GM to deploy 40,000 Ultium-branded Level 2 chargers at community locations

A pair of related announcements from GM indicate that, as the company moves steadily forward with electrification, it understands the critical importance of charging infrastructure. Ultium Chargers GM will introduce its own line of residential and commercial chargers under the Ultium brand. The new family of Ultium Chargers, which GM developed in collaboration with charging… Read more »

Ford sends out teams of Charge Angels to troubleshoot defective public chargers

“More chargers! More chargers!” That’s the chorus we hear on a daily basis. But those of us who make it our business to test existing public chargers might add another request: “More reliable chargers, please.” Public chargers are often out of order, and those that work often deliver less power than advertised, or require multiple… Read more »

This company is earning money with second-life Nissan LEAF batteries

Second-life EV batteries are being used in pilots around the world to demonstrate their suitability for a wide variety of stationary storage applications. California company B2U Storage Solutions is using repurposed Nissan LEAF batteries in a commercial operation. The company has been bidding into the California power market for over a year, and is earning… Read more »