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Latest NVH Simulator expands EV sound and vibration modeling ability

Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration Measurement has released version 2019.1 of its NVH Simulator. The release expands the ability to model electric and hybrid vehicles, along with over 200 other improvements and enhancements. Dave Bogema, Product Manager with Brüel & Kjær, explains: “One of the challenges associated with electric vehicle sound is the phenomena… Read more »

Porsche opens 7 MW rapid charging park in Germany

Porsche Leipzig is expanding the charging infrastructure for EVs in central Germany with its new Porsche Turbo Charging park. Porsche claims that the 7 MW facility, which is supplied entirely by renewable energy sources, is Europe’s most powerful rapid charging park.  The facility includes four 22 kW AC charging points, twelve publicly-available CCS2 350 kW… Read more »

Report predicts energy storage market will exceed $500 billion by 2035

The energy storage market is expected to grow to $546 billion in annual revenue by 2035, according to a new report from Lux Research. Lux estimates that the three main drivers of energy storage—mobility applications (BEVs and FCEVs), electronic devices, and stationary storage—will reach an annual combined deployment level of 3,046 GWh over the next… Read more »

GKN developing new versions of eDrive technology as sales increase

GKN Automotive is accelerating its eDrive development program to keep pace with growing demand for its compact electric driveline systems. In July 2019, the company produced its one millionth unit; sales in 2020 are on track to exceed 2019 figures by 141 percent. By 2025, the company expects to be producing around one million eDrive… Read more »

Report: cobalt supply for EV batteries is adequate for now, but should be scaled up to meet future demands

The growth of the EV market depends on the continued availability of key materials such as cobalt, an element used in battery cathodes. Scientists from the American Chemical Society (ACS) wanted to find out if planned cobalt expansions could keep pace with this rapid growth. Their research, published in the ACS journal Environmental Science &… Read more »

A look at BMS validation testing

The battery pack is not only one of the most expensive components in an EV—it’s also incredibly complex, in some cases comprising thousands of individual cells. The tasks of preserving a battery’s efficiency, lifespan, thermal stability and safety rest upon the battery management system (BMS), an embedded controller that regulates the flow and distribution of… Read more »

AKASOL orders fully automated production lines for new high-energy battery module plant

AKASOL has adopted Tesla’s nomenclature, and christened its new battery plant in Darmstadt, Germany “Gigafactory 1.” The German battery maker has commissioned Manz to supply fully automated production lines for high-energy battery modules at the new plant and the company’s US site in Hazel Park, Michigan. The total order volume for production equipment could reach… Read more »

SAE publishes recommended practices for automated EV charging systems

As the EV market expands, there’s a pressing need for more standardization of DC power distribution, especially for buses and heavy-duty vehicles. SAE International’s new standard SAE J-3105: Electric Vehicle Power Transfer System Using Conductive Automated Connection Devices Recommended Practice promotes the safe testing and performance of mechanized conductive power transfer systems, primarily for vehicles… Read more »