Predicting And Preventing Thermal Runaway in EV Battery Systems By Utilizing A Unique Measurement System

Presented by:

  • Tom Doerr, Director, Business Development and Marketing, CSM Products Inc.

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Apr 20, 2021, 11:00 am EDT

The precise knowledge of thermal behavior and temperature curves is a prerequisite for the further development of high-performance, high-voltage battery systems. To accomplish this, several hundred temperature measurement points are needed throughout the battery assembly, including between the cells. Traditionally this has been an instrumentation challenge as the enormous quantity of sensors and their signal cables does not package well without significant design changes both internally and externally to pass these cables out to the rest of the measurement system, which in turn, then changes the device under test.

The HV DTemp measurement system from CSM enables up to 512 digital temperature points to be installed in the battery without additional packaging space, and utilizing just a single communication cable to one CAN-based measurement module. The digital sensors can be placed anywhere inside the battery utilizing a variety of attachment and location methods with minimal impact on the physical packaging or thermal behavior of the assembly. The HV DTemp measurement system is certified safe for use in High Voltage environments per EN-61010.

The innovation which enables this highly accurate efficient measurement system for EV Batteries will be reviewed during this session.

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