Optimizing EV Powertrain Through Innovative Measurement Equipment

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  • Tom Doerr, Director, Business Development and Marketing, CSM Products Inc.

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Apr 19, 2021, 1:15 pm EDT

EV powertrains have to be tested during many development phases, and the system's overall efficiency is a major contributor to consumer buying criteria. However, the measurement of electrical power consumed throughout the entire vehicle (powertrain, converters, HVAC system, BMS system, etc) as well as for the generation of mechanical power becomes an instrumentation challenge due to the multiple locations needed to measure AC voltage and current, DC voltage and current, temperatures, and speed-torque sensor. Obviously, the advances of multi-motor EVs add to this testing complexity - whether in the lab, dynamometer or in the vehicle.

CSM has applied its 37+ years of measurement equipment expertise to the development of specific modules for vehicle electrification. These high-speed (EtherCAT(R)) and CAN-based High Voltage Breakout Modules, which are the first to be certified as safe for use in the high-voltage environment (per EN-61010) are easily installed directly onto the vehicle's high-voltage cables. When used in conjunction with Vector's ECU interfaces and eMobility Analyzer software, many power and efficiency calculations are performed and displayed in real-time. Of course, these are also saved for further analysis to identify areas for vehicle efficiency improvements. These unique breakout modules and software combined create a new, simplified power analyzer that can be used as a consistent tool throughout the product development cycle. CSM's full suite of measurement modules, utilizing standard, commercial-off-the-shelf sensors can be combined with the breakout modules to fully analyze the overall efficiency.

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