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New study reaffirms carbon emissions of EVs lower than ICEs, lists flaws in long-tailpipe arguments

Journalists sometimes have to write the same articles over and over, like teachers repeating the same lecture for a new class each semester. The myth of the “long tailpipe”—the notion that EVs generate just as much carbon emissions as ICE vehicles do—has been debunked by dozens of scientific studies (see below for a partial list)…. Read more »

New study: Ride-hailing EVs deliver triple the emissions benefits of personal EVs

Rideshare vehicles are widely believed to have larger carbon footprints than personal vehicles, as they rack up additional mileage on the way to and from passenger pickups. Thus, it stands to reason that, like trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles, electrifying them would deliver greater emissions reductions than electrifying personal passenger cars. According to a new… Read more »

New study from VW confirms EVs produce lower emissions than diesels

Volkswagen has refuted a recent anti-EV hit piece with a new study that confirms what many earlier studies have found: EVs have smaller life-cycle carbon footprints than comparable ICE vehicles, even if they are charged by dirty fossil-derived energy. “For the same vehicle models with different powertrains, the carbon footprint of the battery-powered E variants… Read more »

MIT study: Existing EVs can meet most drivers’ needs, and reduce carbon emissions

Many electro-skeptics concede that electrification is the future, but maintain that major breakthroughs will be needed before EVs are practical. Others insist (despite the findings of studies, studies and more studies) that going electric has little impact on carbon emissions. A new paper by MIT Professor Jessika Trancik and colleagues, published in the journal Nature… Read more »

New study: EVs powered by natural gas reduce emissions by 40% compared to gasoline

It’s a fair question: Do EVs powered by grid electricity result in lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than legacy ICE vehicles? On average, yes they do, according to studies by the Union of Concerned Scientists, the University of Minnesota, and Carnegie Mellon University. However, regional differences in the energy mix mean that EVs are much… Read more »

New study says commercial truck electrification is within reach

It’s been a long haul for electric trucks—pilots have been going on for over a decade, but fleet operators are just beginning to put in serious orders. Battery costs are often cited as a barrier to faster adoption, but a new analysis concludes that a lack of appropriate policies around adoption incentives, charging infrastructure, and… Read more »

Miami middle-school student inspires school board to electrify its school bus fleet

Electric school buses seem like a no-brainer at this point—although they cost two to three times more up front than diesel buses, at about $230,000 each, they save money in the long run, as fuel and maintenance costs are about 80 percent lower. They’re also prime candidates for future vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications, which could generate… Read more »

New emissions scandal? Tests show PHEVs emit more pollution than claimed

Sometimes it seems automakers will try any powertrain technology in order to avoid selling battery-electric vehicles. First diesels, then hydrogen, were touted as ways to reduce CO2 emissions while still maintaining the fill-er-up-with-fossil-fuel business model (and continuing to crank out the colossal SUVs that carmakers claim consumers crave). Many electric purists have long suspected that… Read more »