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Crocus Technology’s new line of contactless current sensors

Sensor technology company Crocus Technology has announced a new line of contactless current sensors it says have a signal-to-noise ratio as high as 77 dB and the capacity to measure currents between 500 mA and 1,800 A. “With the introduction of the CT45x family of contactless current sense products, we now have a complete portfolio… Read more »

ACEINNA’s new high-power current sensors work with systems up to 65 amps 

ACEINNA’s new ±65 A MCx1101 Current Sensor is the company’s most accurate and highest-bandwidth current sensor. Designed for WBG (wide-bandgap) applications, and available in 3.3- and 5-volt versions, this AMR-based (Anisotropic Magnetoresistive) current sensor is designed for a wide range of power systems and applications.  The MCx1101’s fast response and high bandwidth is designed for… Read more »

A closer look at current sensors in EVs

Pretty much every electronic circuit that handles significant power utilizes some means of measuring current, whether to simply protect against overload or because it is a basic functional requirement. In this article we’ll cover some of the more common devices and circuit techniques for measuring current in the major subsystems of an EV, including when… Read more »

ACEINNA expands AMR-based current sensors to support 3.3 volt applications

ACEINNA, a Massachusetts sensor manufacturer, has announced that its MCx1101 family of current sensors now supports 3.3 volt applications commonly found in EV charging stations, inverters, and motor controls. The MCx1101 sensors are fully integrated, bi-directional current sensors. ACEINNA says they offer much higher DC accuracy and dynamic range compared with other solutions. For example,… Read more »

New concept for current and voltage sensors could enable simpler battery packs

Engineers at Germany’s Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) have developed a new concept for current and voltage sensors that may be particularly relevant to EV batteries. Battery monitoring typically requires as many current and voltage sensors as there are individual cells. RUB’s system uses only one of each, regardless of the number of cells. Moreover, both sensors… Read more »

LEM’s new current sensor boasts highly accurate battery charge level measurement

Electrical measurement technology specialist LEM has launched its new CAB 1500 current sensor, which offers “best-in-class performance for accurate battery charge level measurement.” The new product is aimed at designers of Li-ion battery management systems, who require sensors that provide high levels of efficiency and accuracy. The CAB 1500 is the latest member of LEM’s… Read more »

Assessing Voltage And Current In Your EV Module Designs

Accurate measurement of voltages and currents in high voltage systems is essential to proper feedback and operation of electric and hybrid vehicle subsystems. In this session, Skyworks will survey applications for current and voltage sensors integrated with galvanic isolation in chargers, dc/dc converters, battery management, and propulsion inverters. Skyworks’ John Wilson will highlight components that… Read more »

Improving battery charge measurement with diamond quantum sensors

Every EV driver is familiar with the “guess-o-meter,” the dashboard display that estimates a vehicle’s remaining range. A team of researchers from Japan claims to have found a way to make EV range estimates more accurate. Furthermore, they point out that inaccurate range estimates lead to inefficiency and waste. The MEXT Q-LEAP Flagship project, led… Read more »