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Circontrol’s new Compact 80 dual EV charging station sports several new features

EV charger manufacturer Circontrol has added a new model to its Raption Series of DC fast chargers. The new Raption Compact 80 joins the recently launched Raption Compact 240 and Raption Compact 160 in Circontrol’s product lineup. The Compact 80 can charge an EV at up to 80 kW, or charge two EVs simultaneously at… Read more »

Circontrol’s next-generation Raption EV chargers feature 240 kW of power, new user-friendly features

EV charger manufacturer Circontrol has unveiled a new generation of its Raption Series EV chargers. At the Power2Drive event in Munich in June, the company presented its new Raption Compact 160, which offers 160 kW of DC charging power. The Raption Compact 240 (with 240 kW) has now been added to the lineup. Circontrol plans… Read more »

Circontrol’s eVolve Smart EV charger gets cybersecurity, communications and contactless payment upgrades

Barcelona-based Circontrol provides efficiency solutions for public and private car parks, along with smart EV chargers. Now the company has made important improvements to its eVolve Smart “semi-fast” EV charger. The latest upgrade of the eVolve Smart charger adds new cybersecurity, electrical protection and communications features, as well as a new integrated contactless payment system…. Read more »

Circontrol supplies 400 kW charging stations to new Madrid charging hub

Spanish EV charger manufacturer Circontrol has launched its first 400 kW DC fast charger, the Raption 400. The company will install several of these at a new urban charging hub in the center of Madrid. As far as we’re aware, 350 kW chargers are the highest-power car chargers in widespread use, so this would appear… Read more »

Circontrol adds 150 and 350 kW models to its Raption line of DC fast chargers

Spanish EVSE manufacturer Circontrol has added two new models to its Raption line of DC fast chargers: the Raption 150 Compact and the Raption 350 join the company’s popular Raption 100. The two new chargers are intended for different types of sites. The Raption 350 is a high-power system requiring an electrical cabinet or a… Read more »

Circontrol and Xignux form new company to deploy charging network in Mexico and Latin America

Spanish EVSE manufacturer Circontrol has joined with the Mexican firm Xignux to create a new company called Voltway, which will offer a comprehensive charging service in Mexico and Latin America. Voltway plans to develop, install and maintain a network of charging infrastructure in Mexico. According to the company, there are currently 1,500 charging points in… Read more »

Circontrol’s new 25 kW compact fast chargers

EVSE provider Circontrol has launched a new range of 25 kW fast chargers. The company’s eVolve Rapid wallboxes and posts are designed to offer a DC fast charging solution within the compact, space-saving enclosure of a typical Level 2 charger. “The eVolve Rapid range will bring fast charging to smaller private sites lacking the space… Read more »

Circontrol’s new Raption 100 kW fast charger

EVSE manufacturer Circontrol has launched a 100 kW fast charger, the Raption 100. The new model retains the design and most of the features of its predecessor, the Raption 50, which Circontrol introduced three years ago. Circontrol’s Raption chargers use a modular architecture, which allows for scalable power levels of 25 kW, 50 kW or… Read more »

Circontrol’s new Raption 100 kW fast charger

Charging station manufacturer Circontrol has launched a 100 kW fast charger. The new Raption 100 preserves the best features of its predecessor, the Raption 50, which was introduced 3 years ago and is one of the company’s best-selling charging stations. In 2019, the company sold over a thousand Raption 50 units worldwide. The new Raption… Read more »

Circontrol adds contactless card payment to its European charging stations

As human contact becomes passé, contactless bank card payments are surging in popularity. Barcelona-based Circontrol has become the latest charging provider to add a contactless payment system to its public chargers. The company has already implemented the contactless payment system on its 400 fast chargers in the UK, and is now rolling it out in… Read more »