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VIA Motors to be acquired by Ideanomics

VIA Motors was founded in 2010, and got a lot of media attention thanks to Chairman Bob Lutz, the “Father of the Chevy Volt.” The original business plan was converting GM pickups and vans to PHEVs. Now the company plans to produce fully electric commercial vehicles for fleets. Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX) has agreed to acquire… Read more »

VIA Motors launches voucher program for Chicago fleet buyers

VIA Motors has announced a voucher program for Chicago-area fleet and business owners that reduces the purchase price of its extended range electric pickups and vans. The Drive Clean Chicago program offers a voucher worth $41,200 for the VIA Motors Extended Range Electric Pickup, $42,892 for the Cargo Van, and $39,460 for the Passenger Van. Combining… Read more »

VIA Motors earns EPA certification, begins delivering vehicles

VIA Motors has received official certification from the EPA for its eREV van, and has begun delivering vehicles to fleet customers. According to the company, 23 vans have already been delivered, with three more in transit and more on the way. SEE ALSO: New white paper urges utilities to electrify their vehicle fleets Based on a… Read more »

VIA Motors acquires Prodigy Engineering

VIA Motors, the maker of VTRUX plug-in hybrid commercial vehicles, has acquired Prodigy Engineering, an EV design, engineering and prototyping company that has been under contract with VIA to prototype new vehicle models. Prodigy founders Mark and Mike Patey will stay on under a four-year retainer and non-compete agreement with VIA. “This acquisition expands VIA’s… Read more »

VIA Motors receives $80-million commitment for transcontinental electrification project

VIA Motors has received an $80-million purchase agreement to electrify hotels and other businesses as part of a transcontinental electrification project. The privately-funded project, Sun Country Highway, has placed over 1,000 charging stations across Canada to allow EV owners to travel coast-to-coast with free charging. In the next phase, it will provide charging for the… Read more »

Via Motors presents solar tonneau for its plug-in pickup

The first question the “average Joe” asks about an EV is often, “Why don’t they put a solar panel on it?” Leaving aside technical details about surface area, insolation, voltage levels and the requirements of vehicle design, the simple answer is that it wouldn’t produce enough energy to justify the cost. However, Via Motors’ VTrux… Read more »

VIDEO: VIA Motors shows off massive plug-in pickup and work trucks

Leave it to Bob Lutz to create what must be the baddest plug-in truck ever built. VIA Motors’ XTRUX, which the company unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show, is based on the Chevrolet Silverado, but with its squared-off wheel wells and massive, chunky front end, it looks like it’s just itching to eat a LEAF for lunch…. Read more »

VIDEO: Via Motors VTRUX roll into Jay Leno’s Garage

Bob Lutz, “one of the great car guys of all time,” showed up at Jay Leno’s Garage this week, and he brought some cool toys to play with (they’d have to be pretty darn cool to impress Leno) – VIA Motors’ electrified full-size van, SUV and crew cab pickup truck.     Ex-Marine Bob Lutz… Read more »