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NIO selects onsemi’s VE-Trac Direct SiC power modules for its next-gen EVs

Power and sensor technology company onsemi (formerly ON Semiconductor) has announced that NIO selected its VE-Trac Direct SiC power modules for its next-generation EVs. The SiC VE-Trac Direct is a 900 V power module with integrated single-side direct cooling that incorporates onsemi’s second-generation SiC MOSFET technology. onsemi says “An integrated pin fin baseplate enables direct… Read more »

Qorvo says its new SiC FET product line has best-in-class figures of merit for on-resistance

Radio frequency technology company Qorvo (formerly UnitedSiC) has announced a new SiC Field Effect Transistor (FET) product line, which it says has best-in-class figures of merit for on-resistance. The FET is designed for the 800 V bus architectures in the onboard chargers of EVs as well as industrial battery chargers, industrial power supplies, DC/DC solar… Read more »

STMicroelectronics supplies SiC semiconductors for SEMIKRON’s EV power modules

Semiconductor provider STMicroelectronics is supplying SiC semiconductors for SEMIKRON’s eMPack EV power modules. “In addition to its transformative effect in e-mobility, our SiC technology, now in its third generation, is driving increased efficiency, performance and reliability in sustainable energy and industrial power-control applications,” said STMicroelectronics Executive VP Edoardo Merli. As part of a four-year technical… Read more »

Leapers Semiconductor to introduce new SiC power module series

Leapers Semiconductor plans to introduce its HPD series SiC power modules for the traction inverters and motors of EVs at PCIM Europe in May of 2022. Leapers Semiconductor is a China-based company that develops and manufactures semiconductors and modules. It also has an R&D center located in Japan. The HPD series consists of 1,200 V,… Read more »

SemiQ launches SiC 1,200 V, 80 milliohm MOSFET modules in SOT-227 packages

Semiconductor supplier SemiQ has launched a new generation of its MOSFET modules, which are designed for EVs, power supplies and data centers. The second-generation SiC 1,200 V, 80 milliohm MOSFET module is housed in the SOT-227 package, and is available in a 10 A parallel diode version as well as without a parallel diode. The… Read more »

Beyond Silicon: High Power GaN And SiC Solutions For EVs

Next generation EVs are driving the requirements for semiconductors into higher voltages and currents. This session will cover the semiconductor solutions beyond standard silicon in Silicon Carbide in Gallium Nitride and beyond. Competitive solutions will be examined and compared. Presented by: Tom Wolf, Senior Field Applications Engineer, Nexperia All Sessions: April 2022 Conference

How To Use The Latest SiC And GaN Switch Technology To Design Safe And Reliable EV Systems

The latest Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) power switches make EV systems smaller, lighter, and more efficient. However, these new switch technologies require additional protection to operate safely and reliably. Join this session and learn two key methods for protecting SiC and GaN devices in EVs Presented by: Asa Kirby, Product Line Manager,… Read more »