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Rheinmetall wins new order for 800 V electric coolant pumps

German automotive and arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has won an order for several hundred thousand high-voltage electric coolant pumps. This is the customer’s first electric truck division order and is worth a figure in the mid-two-digit million-euro range. High-voltage CWA 2000 pumps are designed for use in 800 V architecture. Glandless design and bearings made for… Read more »

Rheinmetall wins order for plug-and-play heat pump solution for e-tractors

German automotive company Rheinmetall has received an order for a new heat pump from a European electric tractor manufacturer. The order is valued in the “lower-two-digit millions of euros range.” The heat pump, preassembled and loaded with coolant, improves vehicle range, battery life and driver comfort through thermal and cooling control. The seven-year contract begins… Read more »

Rheinmetall launches curbstone charger pilot project

German automotive manufacturer Rheinmetall has announced a pilot project with the City of Cologne and German electromobility services provider TankE to install curbstone charger infrastructure in public streets beginning this summer. Rheinmetall says the goal is to integrate and test Rheinmetall curbstone chargers in two parts of the city for the purpose of assessing public… Read more »

Rheinmetall announces first order for e-truck gearboxes

Rheinmetall’s Castings business unit recently booked a new order from “a well-known truck manufacturer” for gearboxes specifically designed for use in e-trucks.  The five-year production run will begin in the first quarter of 2026. However, Rheinmetall and the manufacturer have agreed to a total project lifetime of more than 15 years. The gearboxes will be… Read more »

Rheinmetall receives 250-million-euro order for 900-volt EV contactors

German automotive and arms manufacturer Rheinmetall has received an order for contactors worth over a quarter-billion euros from an undisclosed German automaker.  Rheinmetall will be equipping the new 900-volt generation of EVs with a new type of contactor, starting in 2025. Contactors ensure the EVs can be safely switched on and off, especially in emergencies… Read more »

Rheinmetall introduces modular curb chargers

When all or most cars are EVs, cities will need massive numbers of on-street chargers, and innovative designs will be required to minimize intrusion into already-cluttered public spaces. Düsseldorf-based technology group Rheinmetall presented a novel curb charging system at a recent e-mobility conference in Germany. The new charger integrates charging electronics into the curb itself,… Read more »

Rheinmetall and HUAYU win large order for EV transmission housings from US automaker

KPSNC, a joint venture of Rheinmetall and Chinese automotive parts supplier HUAYU Automotive Systems (HASCO), has received an order for EV transmission housings totaling at least 100 million euros ($104.5 million). Rheinmetall says the order was placed by a US automaker that maintains a large production facility in Shanghai. After production begins at the end… Read more »

Rheinmetall and PolyCharge form joint venture for NanoLam capacitors in Europe

Automotive and security technology firm Rheinmetall is setting up a joint venture company with capacitor supplier PolyCharge America to develop, produce and market PolyCharge’s DC-link NanoLam capacitors for automotive, military and industrial markets. Rheinmetall has also invested enough money in PolyCharge to hold about 13% of the shares in the US-based company. According to Rheinmetall,… Read more »

Rheinmetall wins contract for electric motor housings for Chinese EVs

KS HUAYU AluTech, a member of Rheinmetall Automotive, has booked a major order from a German carmaker for electric motor housings. The €100-million contract will run for seven years. Production of the aluminum housings is scheduled to begin in mid-2018 at a Rheinmetall subsidiary in China. The components will be used in several all-electric models,… Read more »

Tier 1 supplier Rheinmetall expects electrification to account for half of sales in 2020

Image: Rheinmetall Automotive’s electrical coolant pump Germany’s Rheinmetall Automotive is known as a supplier of hard parts (pistons, blocks, cylinder heads, etc.) and mechatronics. However, CEO Horst Binnig says that “products with a cable” already constitute 40% of total sales. “We really see pure e-mobility more as an opportunity than a risk. The percentage of purely… Read more »