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Hitachi Astemo to provide JATCO with inverters and motors for future Nissan EVs and PHEVs

Hitachi Astemo will provide inverters and motors to Tier 1 supplier JATCO, which in turn will supply e-axles to Nissan for future EVs and e-POWER plug-in hybrids. Hitachi Astemo aims to expand sales of its electric axles to automakers, and also plans to supply motors and inverters for electric axles assembled by vehicle and gearbox… Read more »

Nissan begins European production of new electric Townstar delivery van

Nissan has begun production of its new Townstar EV delivery van, to be sold in select European markets. Built on a shared CMF-C platform, the new vehicle will be manufactured at the Renault plant in Maubeuge, France. The Townstar will replace the NV200 and NV200e in Nissan’s light commercial vehicle lineup. The Townstar EV’s powertrain… Read more »

Nissan exec: EV batteries lasting longer than predicted

If you use social media, you probably see a never-ending stream of “articles” insisting that EV batteries wear out in a few years, making the cars worthless, that they can’t be recycled, they’re full of poisonous chemicals, yada yada yada. That would be news to Nissan’s UK Marketing Director Nic Thomas. “Almost all of the… Read more »

Nissan establishes sustainable finance framework

Nissan has introduced a finance framework to fund its renewable energy, clean manufacturing system, EV charging infrastructure, battery reuse and autonomous-drive technologies. The company says the Nissan Sustainable Finance Framework may also support its new mobility services. “Nissan has published the eligibility criteria for business areas and technology projects to receive proceeds under the Sustainable… Read more »

Nissan and Wallbox offer one-stop home charging solution

Nissan is working with EVSE provider Wallbox (NYSE:WBX) to offer Nissan EV owners “a seamless one-stop shop solution for their home charging needs.” Nissan EV owners in the US can now purchase Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus Level 2 home charger and schedule installation through the NissanUSA.com web site, and receive a rebate from Nissan. Wallbox says… Read more »

Nissan unveils prototype production facility for solid-state batteries

Nissan has unveiled a prototype production facility for laminated all-solid-state battery cells, which the company aims to bring to market in 2028. This prototype facility, within the Nissan Research Center in Kanagawa Prefecture, is designed to promote the development of solid-state-batteries. Nissan plans to establish a pilot production line at its Yokohama Plant in 2024,… Read more »

Nissan to build two new EV models at Mississippi assembly plant

Nissan says its Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant in Mississippi will become a center for US EV production. The company is updating the plant with EV manufacturing technology to support production of two all-new EVs. Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant, which opened in 2003, currently builds the Nissan Altima, Frontier and Titan. Nissan plans to invest $500… Read more »

Nissan to end development of new gas engines—except for the US market

For a decade, automakers have been talking about going “all in” on an “electric future” (usually with a mention of “grandchildren” thrown in). But the true measure of commitment to a new product is for a company to stop investing its money in old products. Hyundai’s recent announcement that it would end development of new… Read more »

Nissan LEAF earns $4,200 in Fermata Energy V2X pilot

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) fans tout bidirectional charging as a way for fleets (or perhaps even individuals) to generate income and defray the cost of going electric. Now Fermata Energy has announced the results of a summer-long pilot project in which a customer-owned EV earned over $4,200 by participating in a utility demand response (DR) program. In… Read more »