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MAHLE and Midtronics partner to develop EV battery service equipment for independent workshops

German auto parts manufacturer MAHLE and US-based battery service company Midtronics will jointly develop service equipment. The goal is to provide holistic battery diagnostics and maintenance from a single source over the life cycle of batteries and vehicles. MAHLE says it brings to the partnership its expertise in refrigerant service, ADAS calibration, and battery and… Read more »

Midtronics sells Stationary Power Division to focus on automotive market

In order to focus on the global transportation market, battery management specialist Midtronics has sold its Stationary Power Division (SPD) to Franklin Electric. The SPD will be combined with Franklin Electric’s Electric Grid Solutions division and will provide the same contact information for product service and support. “The divestiture of the Stationary Power Division enables us… Read more »

Battery diagnostics company Midtronics expands Chinese facility

It’s not just automakers who see China as the land of EV opportunity. Parts suppliers and service providers in the electromobility field are also greedily eyeing the Middle Kingdom. Midtronics, a global provider of battery testing and management products, established a Chinese division in Shenzhen in 2003, and has since built a customer base in… Read more »

Midtronics’ new DSS-7000 Battery Diagnostic Service System

Midtronics has released detailed information about its newest battery diagnostic platform. The DSS-7000 Battery Service Diagnostic System features full battery service management with VIN-driven testing and integration with the Midtronics Battery Management Information System (BMIS). Features include: Complete Battery Management – Enterprise-wide battery management reporting and analysis is enabled with database-driven testing, VIN-based vehicle service… Read more »

Midtronics introduces new battery service diagnostic system

Midtronics, Inc. has introduced the DSS-7000 Battery Service Diagnostic System, which features full battery service management and integration with the Midtronics Battery Management Information System (BMIS). “Today’s service environment demands a diagnostic solution that offers a combination of information, technology, and communication to support the vehicles of tomorrow,” said Executive VP Mike Troy. “As the… Read more »

Rich Byczek on delayed battery overheating and stranded energy

(This article originally appeared in Charged Issue 6 – JAN/FEB 2013) EV standards gaps: Intertek’s Rich Byczek on two of the biggest safety concerns centered around batteries. The EV industry is young and evolving quickly – too quickly, in some cases, for the standards community to keep up.  The competing charging standards provide the most obvious example. There are… Read more »

New tools for new tech: servicing battery powered vehicles

News flash: EVs will suffer from manufacturing defects at approximately the same rate as their gas-fueled cousins. You can Six Sigma processes until you’re blue in the face, but machines designed and built by us mere mortals will always find a new way to break unexpectedly. So what happens when they do?  If the issue… Read more »