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Ilika delivers first solid-state batteries to automotive customer

UK-headquartered solid-state battery developer Ilika has shipped its first batch of prototype Goliath batteries for customer testing by a Tier 1 automotive company. The company performed in-house testing of the P1 Goliath prototype batteries beginning in May in a customer-sponsored program. Goliath batteries employ a ceramic electrolyte rather than a liquid one, and are made… Read more »

Ilika leads £8.2-million collaboration with industry experts to develop  automotive solid-state battery

British solid-state battery manufacturer Ilika Technologies is leading a 24-month, £8.2-million Faraday Battery Challenge collaboration project. Code-named HISTORY, the project’s focus is on integrating high-silicon-content electrodes into the company’s Goliath solid-state battery in order to enable automotive-level performance. Ilika will receive a grant of £2.8 million from the project and will partner with the manufacturer… Read more »

Ilika receives £15 million in equity funding to expand EV battery production

With a £5-million grant from the UK Government’s Faraday Battery Challenge Fund, Ilika  Technologies has extended its product roadmap to develop large-format Goliath pouch cells. Another 15 big ones in equity funding was provided by a combination of existing and new UK-based institutional shareholders. Ilika currently produces its Stereax batteries on a pilot line in… Read more »

Ilika and Johnson Matthey partner to develop protected anodes for Li-S batteries

International materials company Ilika, a developer of solid-state batteries, is taking part in a three-year project, led by Johnson Matthey, to develop protected anodes for lithium-sulfur batteries. The project will take advantage of Ilika’s high-throughput materials development technique to discover new electrolyte composition options and fabricate a free-standing, lithium-containing protected anode/separator for integration into pouch… Read more »

Scale up micro-solid-state batteries to large EV cells? It’s not so simple.

Q&A with Ilika Technologies Every other scientist in the battery world seems to be working on commercializing large-scale solid-state batteries for use in EVs. The potential for technical and safety benefits is substantial, so there will be a big pot of gold for those who first make real advancements on the automotive level.  Using solid… Read more »

Solid-state battery innovator Seeo acquired by Bosch

Giant German automotive supplier Bosch has announced that it will acquire the Silicon Valley startup Seeo, a pioneer in solid-state battery technology. Seeo’s cell design combines a solid lithium metal anode with a conventional porous lithium iron phosphate cathode and Seeo’s proprietary DryLite solid polymer electrolyte. Seeo says its cells achieve specific energy of around… Read more »