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Iskra smart energy meters comply with Germany’s Eichrecht calibration law

Germany’s Eichrecht standard is designed to ensure transparent measurement and billing of energy dispensed from EV charging stations. To meet the standard’s requirements, charging stations must have a certified energy meter that correctly measures the amount of energy delivered in kWh, and physically displays this value to consumers. Slovenian electronics manufacturer has earned the Module… Tags:

ABB chargers meet German Eichrecht standard for transparent DC charging costs

For some time, it has been plain that there should be standards for energy metering on DC fast charging stations, similar to those that already exist for gasoline sales—gas pumps are regularly certified to ensure that when you pay for a gallon of gasoline, that’s what the pump dispenses, within a small margin of error…. Tags:

i-charging’s blueberry CLUSTER and PLUS EV chargers deliver up to 900 kW of power

Charging power levels continue to rise. EV charging provider i-charging is now offering a pair of charger models that can deliver a whopping 900 kW. Does that mean you can charge your LEAF in 5 minutes? Well, no. There’s no current passenger EV that can handle anywhere near that level of power (but electric trucks… Read more »

AMPECO CEO discusses the software that makes large-scale EV charging systems work in comprehensive Q&A

Q&A with AMPECO CEO Orlin Radev Large hardware installations need complex software to keep them running, and EV charging infrastructure projects are no exception. Any organization running more than a couple of EV chargers—whether it’s a public charging provider, a fleet operator, a multi-unit residential property, or just a business that offers EV charging to… Read more »

FTC seeks public comment on its labeling requirements for public EV chargers

Under the Energy Policy Act of 1992, the Federal Trade Commission established the Alternative Fuels Rule, which includes uniform labeling requirements for EV charging stations. The labels must provide ‘‘appropriate information with respect to costs and benefits, so as to reasonably enable the consumer to make choices and comparisons.’’ The required labels must be ‘‘simple.”… Read more »

Circontrol’s eVolve Smart EV charger gets cybersecurity, communications and contactless payment upgrades

Barcelona-based Circontrol provides efficiency solutions for public and private car parks, along with smart EV chargers. Now the company has made important improvements to its eVolve Smart “semi-fast” EV charger. The latest upgrade of the eVolve Smart charger adds new cybersecurity, electrical protection and communications features, as well as a new integrated contactless payment system…. Read more »

i-charging completes ETL certification of its blueberry fast chargers

Portugal-based EVSE manufacturer i-charging has entered the North American market by completing Intertek ETL certification of its blueberry fast charger. Blueberry chargers, which became available in 2021, have received CE, Eichrecht, Cyber Security, Plug and Charge, and ISO 15118 certifications. i-charging says the product’s three configurations, blueberry, blueberry PLUS and blueberry CLUSTER, will operate with… Read more »

Efacec expands and upgrades its line of smart chargers

Portuguese charger manufacturer Efacec Power Solutions recently presented several new products and upgrades to existing lines. Efacec’s Level 2 Public Charger offers power levels from 11 kVA to 22 kVA, the ability to charge two EVs at once, smart charging features, over-the-air software updates, and optional payment terminal integration. With the latest generation, the company… Read more »

LEM introduces DC billing meter for EV chargers

LEM, a global specialist in electrical measurement for industrial and automotive applications, has launched its new DC billing meter (DCBM), a compact billing solution for public DC fast chargers. The DCBM has a power measurement range from 25 kW to 600 kW, and is a legally certified meter that provides accurate customer billing.  LEM’s new… Read more »

GreenFlux’s new line of smart charging controllers offers a solution for every type of charger

GreenFlux, provider of a cloud-based white-label smart charging platform, has launched a new generation of smart charging controllers. The new line offers a modular design and a scalable architecture, supports the OCPP protocol, and is ready for the new German Calibration Law (Eichrecht). Mounted inside the charger, the controller becomes the digital brain, providing intelligence… Read more »