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Carrier partners with ConMet to add regen braking to Class 7 and 8 trailer wheels

Transport refrigeration technology company Carrier is partnering with commercial vehicle part supplier ConMet to add a regenerative braking system to trailer wheels on Class 7 and Class 8 vehicles. ConMet’s PreSet Plus eHub system consists of an in-wheel electric motor that can recover energy from coasting and braking, store it in high-capacity batteries and send… Read more »

ConMet and Protean Electric develop in-wheel drive system for commercial vehicles

Consolidated Metco (ConMet) and Protean Electric are working together to develop an electric in-wheel drive system for the medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle markets. ConMet, a subsidiary of Amsted Industries, is a global supplier of components to the commercial vehicle market. The ConMet/Protean in-wheel electric drive system will deliver a hybrid propulsion system designed to… Read more »

Food distribution giant Sysco unveils state-of-the-art EV charging hub

Food distribution giant Sysco (NYSE: SYY) has unveiled plans for the Riverside Electric Vehicle Hub, which will transform the company’s distribution center into the focal point of its electrified fleet. Currently, Sysco operates 11 Freightliner eCascadia electric tractors at its Riverside, California facility, and expects to have 20 in operation this year. In 2021, Sysco… Read more »

Electric Freight Consortium aims to advance freight electrification

The Electrification Coalition (EC) has established a new forum for collaboration among industry leaders in the freight transportation sector to accelerate freight electrification. The new Electric Freight Consortium (EFC) aims to bring together the full fright ecosystem—shippers, carriers, retailers and EV supply chain companies. It will “identify pilot project opportunities, plan implementation, diagnose challenges, develop… Read more »

Protean Electric and LM Industries partner to develop self-driving EVs

In-wheel electric drive specialist Protean Electric has formed a strategic partnership with LM Industries, the creator of the Olli self-driving electric shuttle. The two companies’ partnership will initially focus on providing the eDrive system for Olli, then expand into developing new technologies to accelerate future autonomous and transportation-as-a-service (TaaS) vehicle production. “Open platforms are a… Read more »