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Software Motor Company and Ansys speed development of advanced motors

Software Motor Company (SMC) and Ansys are collaborating to accelerate the development of ultra-efficient switched reluctance motors (SRMs) that solve critical noise vibration and harshness (NVH) issues.  Traditional AC induction motors drive most of today’s power-hungry machines, including EVs. SRMs are more efficient, reliable, and durable, but to drive industry adoption, they must overcome NVH… Read more »

BMW i Ventures invests in Software Motor Company developing switched reluctance technology

BMW i Ventures will invest in Software Motor Company (SMC), a Silicon Valley-based company with experience with HVAC retrofit motors. SMC will use the funding to expand its product line and bring to market its full-stack Building Operating System (BOS) platform, designed to optimize energy and maintenance through intelligent automation. SMC says it has developed… Read more »