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Johnson Matthey plans to exit battery materials market

Johnson Matthey has been working to commercialize its high-nickel cathode materials for the automotive industry, but has now concluded that the potential returns from its battery materials business will not be adequate to justify further investment. Citing competition from alternative technologies and other manufacturers, the company’s board has decided to pursue the sale of all… Read more »

Johnson Matthey partners with OnTo Technology on battery production scrap recycling

Johnson Matthey has entered into an agreement with OnTo Technology, a developer of battery recycling methods, to scale up OnTo’s process for the direct recycling of lithium-ion battery scrap. OnTo’s patented Cathode Healing process restores the coating material to use in new battery production, and avoids energy-intensive refining processes. Jane Toogood, Chief Executive of Johnson… Read more »

Johnson Matthey secures site in Poland to produce eLNO battery cathode materials

UK technology company Johnson Matthey (JM) has secured a site in Poland for production of its battery cathode materials. It has also announced a 10-year agreement with Nemaska Lithium to supply lithium hydroxide for the cathode materials, which it calls eLNO. With these two developments, JM says it’s on track to start commercial production in… Read more »

New Johnson Matthey plant will produce samples of eLNO battery material

Johnson Matthey is currently building a demonstration plant with a capacity of 1,000 metric tons to showcase its proprietary eLNO lithium nickel oxide battery material. The plant will be used for R&D and will also produce material samples. The company intends to use the facility to build its market presence and commercialize its eLNOs, which claim… Read more »

Cummins acquires Johnson Matthey’s automotive battery business

Engine builder Cummins has acquired Johnson Matthey’s UK automotive battery systems business, a subsidiary that specializes in high-voltage battery systems for electric and hybrid vehicles. Cummins and Johnson Matthey also agreed to collaborate on the development of battery materials for commercial heavy-duty applications. Last October, Cummins acquired Brammo, which is known for designing and developing… Read more »

Johnson Matthey to invest $270 million in battery material technology

Specialty chemicals company Johnson Matthey plans to invest $270 million to build production capacity for high-energy battery materials. Johnson Matthey first entered the Li-ion battery market in 2012, and is focusing on a broad portfolio of cathode materials to support a range of electrified vehicle applications. It has strategic partnerships with cell manufacturers and automotive… Read more »

Ilika and Johnson Matthey partner to develop protected anodes for Li-S batteries

International materials company Ilika, a developer of solid-state batteries, is taking part in a three-year project, led by Johnson Matthey, to develop protected anodes for lithium-sulfur batteries. The project will take advantage of Ilika’s high-throughput materials development technique to discover new electrolyte composition options and fabricate a free-standing, lithium-containing protected anode/separator for integration into pouch… Read more »

Johnson Matthey and 3M complete NMC patent license agreement

Johnson Matthey and 3M have entered into a patent license agreement that aims to expand the use of nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries. 3M has granted Johnson Matthey a license to several of its NMC-related technologies. Cathodes composed of nickel, manganese and cobalt offer a balance of power, energy, thermal stability and cost,… Read more »

Johnson Matthey licenses CAMX-7 cathode materials

CAMX Power has granted specialty chemical supplier Johnson Matthey a license relating to its CAM-7 platform of nickel-based cathode materials for use in lithium-ion batteries. The CAM-7 platform covers a range of nickel-rich cathode materials that are designed to offer excellent energy density, cycle life, gassing and power handling, making them well suited to EV… Read more »

Nemaska Lithium to collaborate with Johnson Matthey to build lithium plant

Nemaska Lithium has signed a memorandum of understanding with Johnson Matthey Battery Materials, under which Nemaska will build a commercial lithium plant in Shawinigan, Québec with a capacity of about 500 tons per year of lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate, and will supply the lithium salts to Johnson Matthey for its battery material products. “We… Read more »